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Over the last couple decades, ALLAN BLOCK® has become a prominent global hardscapes company. We supply the world with innovative alternatives to traditional concrete construction, through advances in Mortarless Technology systems. Our success began with the introduction of our patented segmental retaining wall product. The ALLAN BLOCK® system effectively meets the needs of a changing building community, by combining sophisticated technology with simple design concepts.

The same careful attention to research and design has been used throughout the development of our other Mortarless Technology system: AB FENCE® for compound walls and sound barriers and AB COURTYARD® for patio walls. This growing family of patented products offers the industry intelligent, practical and effective building materials.

Retaining Walls - AB FIELDSTONE®

Retaining Walls

Compound Walls - AB FENCE®

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Parapet Walls - AB Fieldstone®

Parapet Walls

Retaining Walls - AB® Collection

Retaining Walls



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